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How We Work

Check out our work process and frameworks we use

The easiest way
to build websites online

We work to make a better web, one that is fast, easy to use, beautiful, accessible to all, and frustration-free. Regardless of your specific business requirements, in solving these challenges, you have a great chance of finding success online.

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Simple and Clean

We use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Jquery Library, ReactJS, PHP to produce responsive websites and web apps that provide users the best and most appropriate experience suited to their device and browser.

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Easy to Customize

Want to customize things just in a few taps? Leave the coding to us, and we'll give you best User experience ever.

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Fully Responsive

Whether it's desktop, smartphone, ipad, foldable phones, your site is going to be amazing on all of them

Our Complete Work Process

We work in very organised, and professional manner

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Information Collection and Research

During our first meeting, we'll connect to you and try to visualize your vision. Do market research and understand your needs as well as market needs about your brand.


We use Canva and Figma to design the layout and create your brand color palette. We also create a UI for your website to show you how exactly it'll look. That really saves a lot of time!

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Ever heard of WYSIWYG? It's "What You See Is What You Get", and We are pro at designing things on the web, you'll get exactly the design you want. You'll get a website that really stands out.


We create functioning Admin Panel for you so that you can easily handle your website without even touching the code! You can access the database, Update User details, Post Pictures, Banners and much more in a very secure environment. We also provide security solutions to fellow developers in Stack Overflow.

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Going Live

We'll give you a the overview of your site before making it live, it'll be either in Github Pages, W3School Pages or on our own server. After debugging and when you give us the green signal, we setup your website on Cloud Server and done. Now Google can crawl and index your website!

Our Creative Team

We are a small team with great capabilities
& deep knowledge in Website Development.

Zishan Sheikh

Founder & Full Stack Web Dev
UI Designer

Shivam Bisht

Front-End Developer
UI Designer

Make a beautiful website, or million of them

We take great pride in not only being able to complete work to the high standard you expect but also go the extra mile wherever possible. I enjoy getting to know a business, its goals, and how I can best apply myself to make sure your website succeeds. For established clients, I particularly like analysing their metrics and making data-based decisions and recommendations, leading to better rates of success.

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